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Informed Landlords Choose To Sell Their Wireless Leases To Us.

It is very simple to know what the upper end of your lease is worth. You decide if you want to sell or not.

No haggling.
No negotiations.
No obligations.

It is very simple to know what the upper end of your lease is worth. No haggling. No negotiations. No obligations.

Highest Price Offers

Our price offers are based on objective standards about your cell site lease. It is not based on negotiations, low-ball offers, or tactics. Once we review your lease, and if we decide to purchase your lease, we will send you an offer. You decide if you want to sell or not. No obligations. No pressure. You decide.

We Are Not Wireless Experts

The internet is filled with wireless experts who claim to understand the technology and industry. We are certain many of those companies have wireless experts that exceed our own wireless experience. None of our Fund managers have worked for wireless carriers, nor do we consider this to be relevant to our interest in purchasing wireless leases.

We Offer The Highest Prices For Your Wireless Leases

We merely offer to pay you the highest price in the marketplace for your wireless lease. Our criteria is objectively measured based the amount of population your cell site covers, the number of vehicles traversing past your cell site, and how important your site is in providing seamless coverage on the freeway. We do not engage in a back-and-forth negotiation tactic that starts low and slowly increase the offer. We offer one price. If you want to sell us your lease, that is the price we will purchase your lease for. It is simple. We make it simple to work with.

Looking For Wireless Experts?

If you are looking for wireless experts for advice on lease rates, site marketing, or other consultancy services, the internet is filled with them. But if you want to get the highest price for your wireless lease, we can help. Simply send us your lease and let us review its value. We will send you an offer for your lease. It is that simple. You then decide if you want to sell your lease to us or not. No obligations. No strings attached.

Some Business tips you should know


Lock in your highest prices now

Selling your wireless leases back to the carriers, tower companies, or companies that "flip" your leases for quick profits is like selling your home back to the bank, or to a realtor. These people have short-term profit motivations. They can only buy your leases at a discount. We intend on holding on to your leases beyond 30 years. We seek long-term value in our investments. In the end, you profit from our long-term business model.

Whether it is a hilltop tower or antennas on your roof, Wireless Equity Fund knows the full potential of your lease. Our price offers fully reflect the long term value of your lease.


Tower Company Owns Your Tower?

It does not matter to us who owns the tower. It only matters that you own the building or land where the antennas and electronic cabinets are installed, and are receiving the rental income every month. Our Fund's purchase of your lease has zero impact to your rights (transferred to us) or obligations (you retain). In return, you will receive a single lump sum payment today, rather than waiting to collect your income for the next 30 years.


How Do We Price?


Our pricing model is based on objective criteria, not how well you negotiate. Our model values lattice, monopoles or guyed towers based on the following criteria: height (taller the better), proximity to top markets, service to major interstates, dense residential communities, places of gathering. Additionally, if the tower has more room for new tenants, and the ground space can accommodate more equipment, these factors contribute to our highest offerings.


uality buildings, locations, cities, with room for growth, surrounded by busy highways, residences, and dense commerce command the highest lease buyback price from us.


Fluctuations In Pricing

Current economic conditions and low interest rates, along with a strong push to upgrade current wireless networks to 5G tell us wireless services is a permanent fixture in our lives and culture. However, changes in interest rates, FCC spectrum auction rules, mergers between companies, acquisition of wireless companies by foreign owners, and dramatic changes in communications technology will have adverse perception about the industry, and will cause deterioration in lease buyback pricing models.

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It is very simple to know what the upper end of your lease is worth. Just email your wireless lease(s) to us, and we will come back with an offer to purchase your lease at a specific price. No haggling. No negotiations. No obligations. You decide if you want to sell or not.